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Investors: Secure startups are the new unicorns

Betting big on early stage companies is risky enough. Don’t assume they are cybersecure—find out for sure.

Assess an Investment

Get a complete picture of cyber risks that could threaten your valuable investments

You would never invest in a company without first assessing its financial health and market potential. But what about its cyber hygiene and security posture? With our Cyber Due Diligence solution, Trava provides timely expert assessment and analysis to help you understand the cyber risks facing your portfolio companies and potential investments.


Identify where your systems are vulnerable, and learn how strong (or weak) your security programs are.


Get clear recommendations and prioritized action steps to reduce your company’s overall cyber risk.


Add a cyber insurance policy (or optimize an existing one) to cover losses associated with potential cyber attacks.

Cyber Due Diligence for investors

Trava’s experienced virtual chief information security officers (vCISOs) use industry-standard risk surveys and Trava’s vulnerability scanning platform to assess and document the current cyber risk and maturity status of each company you want to evaluate.

Deliverables include:
  • Detailed risk assessment report
  • Overall risk score and investment evaluation
  • Report debrief meeting and vCISO insights
  • 2-week turnaround per report to facilitate time-sensitive investment decisions
  • Access to Trava’s platform to view, download, and manage reports
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Protect your investments with Cyber Due Diligence.

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