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Insurance Agencies

The renewal cycle for your clients should be easy. They know they want coverage and you want to offer it to them. But carriers get in the way of this dream, making demands on your clients near their renewal before they will provide an updated policy.

Assess, understand, and improve your customer’s security posture with the trusted team at Trava. Avoid inefficient (and frustrating) last minute vulnerability patching and security installations, and time-consuming back and forth communication with your customers. Take back control of the broker/client relationship with Trava’s ongoing assessment tools, secure risk management portal, and support from security experts. The result? You, and your clients, get clear, actionable steps to renewal, more affordable cyber insurance rates, and the confidence of industry expertise in your corner.

The Technology & Expertise Brokers Love, When They Need It

Trava's approach to cyber insurance is different. Your business is unique and your coverage should be as well.

Fast, Accessible Quoting

Make quoting easy with actionable insights at your fingertips.

Renewal Preparation

Whether your client is a Trava insurance customer or not, Trava’s comprehensive platform will provide you with actionable cybersecurity insights to prepare your clients for renewal.

Improved Pricing, Coverage & Insurability

Cyber insurance is becoming more strenuous year over year. With the detailed insights at your fingertips, you can offer your clients not only more information about their security posture, but better rates on their policies.

Continuous Cybersecurity

Don’t just be an insurance shopping center. This isn’t a commodity, and neither are you. Set yourself apart from the competition with a cybersecurity tool and team your clients will love.

Insure for the Unknown

stolen funds
  • Pays for losses resulting directly from the intentional misleading of an Insured to transfer money to an outside entity
Lost Business Income
  • Coverage for financial losses due to a cyber event that causes your computer systems to be offline
Breach response
  • Coverage for response and remediation costs associated with a breach; This includes legal fees, customer notification, IT/digital forensics, and crisis media relations, among others
Ransom Payments
  • Financial coverage during or after a ransomware incident
Computer replacement
  • Provides coverage to replace hardware that is permanently damaged after a Cyber incident, rendering it unusable (i.e. “the blue screen of death”)

Some of the best and the brightest use Trava:

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