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Unlike companies facing financial audits—which typically have internal auditors to help—organizations facing SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA or other industry audits often walk into the process without comprehending the time and money the process can take.

Some companies expect they can rely on their in-house IT teams to work the compliance process into their regular responsibilities. And some IT employees enter the process believing that’s possible…but this is not a spare-time project; it takes focus and expertise.

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Trava CEO and Co-Founder, Jim Goldman, often relates the cybersecurity and compliance journey to that of having car trouble. If your vehicle started acting up, you wouldn’t walk into an auto parts store and start purchasing parts off the shelf. Instead, you’d take it to an expert and have a diagnostic run to determine what are the most critical areas that need to be addressed. Trava is similar. We assess your unique cybersecurity needs and walk you through exactly how to reach the successful outcome you’re after.

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