[CASE STUDY] Encamp Uses Trava to Land Their First Enterprise Customer

Encamp was bidding to land their first enterprise customer contract. As part of their vendor review process, the potential customer requested a cyber risk analysis of Encamp’s digital environment, as well as a cyber risk management plan to demonstrate a specific level of cyber maturity and ongoing commitment to appropriate cybersecurity controls. The problem was that Encamp had neither a formal cyber risk assessment methodology nor a risk management program in place, and they lacked the time and internal resources to develop them on their own.

Without an in-depth cyber risk assessment and analysis, followed by development, documentation, and implementation of a structured cyber risk management program, Encamp was likely to lose the contract. They needed help from an outside expert—and fast.

Read the full case study to learn how Trava helped Encamp accelerate the close of their first enterprise deal by six months.

Read the full case study