[CASE STUDY] CASTED: Making Content Loud while Keeping Data Quiet

Casted, the world’s first amplified marketing platform, recognized from its inception, that a holistic cyber risk management program would play a critical role in its ability to land enterprise clients. The founders of the company also understood that the threat vectors of large corporations were often their vendors. “We are a dependency in our customers’ tech stacks,” Patarino explains. “We don’t want to be a weak link in the chain.”

Trava provided a virtual Information Security Officer (vCISO) to prioritize Casted’s mitigation needs—as well as contributing impressive expertise in talks with prospects and customers. 

Learn more about the tools, resources, and services Trava provided to Casted. And why they  recognize Trava’s critical role in the 130% net retention plus growth in 2021.

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