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Top 10 Cyber Security Threats

Businesses and other organizations today face an increasing number of cyber security issues and challenges. Threat actors are getting savvier in terms of deploying technological threats aimed at businesses where it’s hard to keep up, since cyber criminals are unfortunately good at what they do. It’s not just private industry being attacked by these nefarious individuals, they pose numerous threats to national security which ultimately impacts us all.

Companies that make a concentrated effort to learn more about common security threats, along with mitigation strategies, can be better prepared to avoid these threats of technological advancement as much as humanly possible.

We can glean a lot of information by examining technological opportunities and threats in business. For instance, every year there is typically a list of the top 10 cyber security threats organizations face. By examining these, we can learn patterns, motives, and other factors cybercriminals will incorporate into their attacks. These technological opportunities and threats examples can help us avoid not just the top 10 types of security threats, but other threats as well, both old and new.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top cyber security threats businesses have previously faced and what the threat environment looks like for 2022.

Top Cyber Security Threats 2020

What is the biggest threat to computer information security? In 2020, we learned just how a global pandemic could spur attacks. Everyone was caught off-guard about what would be to come in terms of computer threat examples and exploits. The level of cyber threats in 2020 showed us that year was unprecedented. 

  • Cloud vulnerability attacks
  • Supply chain attacks (Solarwinds and FireEye)
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Social engineering attacks (especially phishing!)
  • AI-enhanced cyberthreats
  • AI fuzzing threats
  • Machine learning poisoning
  • Smart contract hacking
  • Deepfake to spread misinformation and phishing

Unfortunately, the top 10 cyber security threats 2020 list shows just how unscrupulous cybercriminals are as they kicked up their efforts to exploit people. It also showed us just what future cyber security threats might bring. For example, the Clark County School District hack revealed the threats of technology in education, especially as students went virtual. Take a look at computer security threats and solutions PDF for 2020 to see other examples of what we mean.

Top 10 Cyber Security Threats 2021

The top 10 cyber security threats in 2021 illustrated that a pandemic wasn’t going to slow down the efforts of threat actors. If anything, they created even more cyber security risks for organizations across the globe. Top cybersecurity threats in 2021 include many of the same cyber security issues in 2020 we saw.

  • Ransomware attacks
  • Cloud vulnerabilities
  • Phishing attacks
  • Social engineering
  • Patch Management
  • IoT hacking
  • Cryptojacking
  • Formjacking
  • Third-party exposure
  • Endpoint security

The cyber security issues we saw in 2021 demonstrated that, more than ever, businesses need to ramp up their efforts to fight back against these and other top cybersecurity threats. Examining cyber security problems and solutions PDF can help highlight important factors to consider.

Top 10 Cyber Security Threats 2022

The top 10 cyber security threats 2022 are, by year’s end, likely to show a lot of the same biggest cyber security threats we saw in 2021 and 2020. Cybercriminals, unfortunately, are adept at mastering current online security threats and adapting them to circumvent protective measures businesses put into place, making it harder for them to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

This cyber security threats PDF helps illustrate what experts anticipate will happen in 2022 and what businesses can do to improve their cybersecurity posture in a rapidly expanding digital environment. By reading these types of PDFs, along with forecasts by the top 10 cyber security companies, businesses often find it helpful to learn what they’ll need to better protect themselves from threat actors.

Cyber Security Threats Examples

To learn how to prevent cyber threats, it’s always valuable to examine cyber security threats examples, because we can learn from past events to pinpoint areas of vulnerability. The top 10 cyber security threats areas of vulnerability that can be addressed by the following actions include:

  • Understanding internet threats
  • Examining the key factors in how ransomware occurs
  • Learning the best types of cyber security mitigation tools available
  • Educating employees about cyber security
  • Helping team members understand what phishing attacks look like
  • Employing organization-wide efforts to promote understanding of malware
  • Practicing good password habits across the organization
  • Vetting vendors to ensure they practice good cyber hygiene
  • Implementing stronger authentication practices
  • Promoting prevention of different types of social engineering attacks – while keeping in mind not every exploit starts in the digital environment (although many do!)

Ultimately, understanding the types of threats businesses commonly face, along with taking steps to mitigate the technological threats examples, can improve an organization’s cybersecurity posture. Nothing is 100%, but not understanding types of security threats to organizations and doing something about them equates to 0%. In a nutshell, all organizations should be routinely asking themselves the question, “What are security threats and their types?” and making an effort to explore mitigation steps to these threats in all areas of business, including information systems in an organization. It’s an ongoing process that doesn’t really have an endpoint.

How To Prevent Computer Security Threats

Companies that want to avoid falling victim to the top 10 cyber security threats this year can mitigate this by learning more about the types of threats in computer security. Many reputable sources offer information – see if you can’t locate a computer security threats and solutions ppt to help you, such as this one by NIST. More about the NIST framework and compliances.

Not all businesses have the budget or personnel to handle the many types of computer threats they face on a daily basis. An alternate solution for these companies to be empowered to take charge of how to prevent computer security is by partnering with an expert third party. Working with an experienced company that is well versed in both computer security threats and solutions can offer the protection needed at a more cost-effective price point.

Trava Security can help you navigate the question of what is security threats and its types? To learn more about what we can do for you to improve your company’s security posture so you can protect it from top computer security threats, try our free demo.

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