Risk Assessment Report Template

Questions to Ask Yourself When Pursuing a Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment Report Template

  • Companies today are required to have some form of digital presence, meaning virtually every company has some level of cyber security risk. 
  • Cyber attacks that companies are most vulnerable to are phishing scams, ransomware, Trojan Horse attacks, DDoS attacks, SQL injections, and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Understanding the types of attacks you are up against is the first step in defending against them.

Risk Assessment Report Writing

  • Questions to keep in mind when writing a risk assessment report:
  • What are the most important technological assets we have at our company?
  • What type of data breach would have the biggest impact on our business? What type of personal information do we have that could be revealed to hackers if we leave ourselves vulnerable?
  • What internal vulnerabilities do we currently have? Are there any external vulnerabilities we need to think about?
  • What are the most relevant threats to our business today?
  • Keep in mind the industry you operate in and the specific protection responsibilities you have to your customers and their information.
  • Getting help from Cyber Security professionals can ensure your reporting is accurate and thorough.

Risk Assessment Template

  • Find templates that relate to your industry. Different industries have different security needs thus different templates exist for all industries.
  • Keep in mind the size of your company. The bigger the company, the more they likely have to protect and the methods they need to use will be slightly different.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment Report Template

  • Specific questions your report should aim to answer:
  • What measures has the company taken in order to prepare for specific threats in a cybersecurity-focused world?
  • When was the last time the company had to deal with a cybersecurity event?
  • What areas or vulnerabilities has the company needed to deal with recently?
  • What types of digital assets does the company currently have on hand?
  • If the company was targeted by hackers, what would the potential impact be?

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